Liceo Statale 'Cagnazzi', Altamura



XXVI International Festival of Classical Theatre for Secondary School  Students
11th-12th-13th June 2021


Liceo ‘Cagnazzi’ from Altamura (Bari) has decided to confirm the XXVI International Festival of Classical Theatre for secondary school students that, in compliance with the rules concerning the sanitary emergency, will take place in streaming. The festival is included in the 2019-2022 Erasmus Plus ‘On school stages’ project.The drama workshops attendees will have to comply with the manner and timing that the Festival’s organization will communicate by e-mail to the attendees. The event will entirely take place in live streaming from the above-mentioned school, while regarding the final evening and the awards ceremony, the physical presence of the jury, the operators and the festival’s organizers will be provided. On the occasion of the final evening, the high school will adopt a health protocol with specific measures against the Covid-19’s spread. The people who will join the last evening, will have to respect all the rules in force against the Covid-19’s spread:

-not having had a higher body heat than 37,5°C or any respiratory symptomatology, even during the previous 14 days;

-not having been in quarantine or “home isolation” due to having been in close contact with COVID-19 positive cases or suspicious ones, during the previous 14 days;

-not having been in close contact with a COVID-19 positive person or someone who had a higher body heat than 37,5°C or any respiratory symptomatology, as far as it’s known, during the previous 14 days.

-not having been in countries declared at risk by Ministry of Health during the previous 14 days or having made a swab with a negative result once returned back from those countries.

Art.1 Liceo classico Cagnazzi from Altamura is organizing the XXVI “International Festival of Classical Theatre for Students”, reserved to performances of a maximum duration of 30 minutes that will be presented  in live streaming during the three evenings of the festival. The festival is opened to every Italian and European secondary school and hosts the performances made in the school drama workshops. It is possible to present works of Latin, ancient Greek, modern and contemporary well-known authors.

Art.2 The festival will take place on the 11th, 12th and 13th of June 2021 in the courtyard of Liceo Cagnazzi, Altamura and live streaming on the Facebook page and on the website dedicated to the Liceo Classico Cagnazzi’s festival ( The performances will take place according to the programme made by the organization and will be introduced on line by the respective drama workshops live from their schools. For every theatre group that won’t be able (due to logistical needs) to present their work live, it will be possible to send a video of their work in advance. It will then be presented during the festival.

At the end of the first and the second day there will be moments of discussion and briefing in order to encourage the exchange of ideas and points of view concerning the value of the theatre which is considered inspirer of universal principles for the young European citizens.

It is important that also the jury, the festival’s organizers and workers, the teachers, the directors and the people that played a role in the realization of the performances will attend these meetings.

Art.3 It is possible to fill out the application form, and then download them from the website: After that, these requests must be sent to the email address of the festival’s secretary: by the 15th of April 2021 at the latest.

The educational project referred to the proposed performance and a short promo -video (a video of approximately one minute) of the performance must be sent to the appropriate page by the 30th of April 2021.

On the 15th of May the names of the selected schools will be announced. These must send a full video of the performance, that they will be presented during the festival, by the 6th of June 2021 at the latest.

The result of the selection will be published on the festival’s page and on Liceo Cagnazzi’s page by the 17th of May 2021. The schedule of the performances will be also sent to the drama workshop’s teachers. For the participating schools will be possible to express preferences about the date of the performance; these indications will be taken into account in accordance with the needs of the organization.

Art.4 The festival will be in live streaming from Liceo Classico Cagnazzi. The participating groups should possibly present their performance in live streaming (following the calendar that will be communicated by the organization). If the group is not able to present their performance in live streaming, the organization will present the video previously sent.

Art.5 The performances will be evaluated and graded at the end of the festival by a jury composed of theatre experts, members of the association “Agita Teatro” and the head teacher.

Art.6 The jury will award (with an unquestionable judgment) the deserving performances and the actors who will excel. Prizes consisting of props, for the theatre laboratory’s needs, will be given to the schools that will rank first, second and third. There will be certifications, gadgets and possible special mentions for all the participants. A certificate of attendance will be given to every school taking part in the Festival

Art.7 The jury will give the prizes and the awards to the selected schools on the last evening (scheduled for Sunday 13th of June 2021) at the end   of Liceo Cagnazzi’s drama club performance.

Art.8 – The festival’s participation involves the acceptance of all the rules specified above. Moreover, the groups that join the festival will have the possibility to enjoy virtual tours of the city and of the area that host the festival (by Liceo Cagnazzi’s students involved in FAI school activities and in the activities of PON organization of cultural events).


Liceo Cagnazzi

Rassegna Internazionale del Teatro Classico Scolastico

Teachers in charge of the drama club Cagnazzi

prof.ssa Anna Cornacchia    

prof. Francesco Palmisano                                      

For further information please contact the coordinating teachers and staff:


Prof.ssa Clara De Mari +393388170108

Prof.ssa Annalisa Divincenzo +393478499355

Dott.ssa Greta Sassaroli +393466886386

Dott. Vincenzo Berloco+393208265057

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